Skip the flight

Skip the flight to the child calabrian sick. Minister, “apprehension”

– It skips the transfer from the polyclinic of Messina in the hospital of the city of Cagliari Moise, the child of two and a half years born in Polistena and is suffering from a disease that forces him to the shelter since he was born

This was announced by the ombudsman for Childhood and adolescence of the Region of Calabria, Antonio Marziale, which from the days beats to be able to make the transfer of the small.

“It was all arranged, until yesterday in the late afternoon – says Martial, so that from the Catania airport, an ambulance jet for private travel to Cagliari to deliver Moise at the hospital of the sardinian capital and, in the next few days, make it reach to the family-the community in which it was given in foster care. Unfortunately, things did not go well”.

“In the last hours,” explains Martial – has come to a septic shock and Polyclinic of Messina allowed the ‘transferability’ of the child, but not the ‘dimissibilitá’, for which everything has been cancelled”. “The Juvenile Court of Reggio Calabria – said the guarantor – has given foster two spouses and the locals of the Community ‘Pope John XXIII’ in that the biological family pours in series with the socio-economic difficulties. The last order of the magistrates dates back to December of 2017, but for a series of incomprehensible as unacceptable carp, the small one is still in the hospital. The story of Moise is, net of the findings of medical-diagnostic, to be considered a scandal to guilty delays that will be certainly ascertained by the competent institutions. The child is seriously ill, the transfer to the foster family is to facilitate cultural stimuli and environmental, if nothing else to provide them with a better quality of life. You do not understand why a lot of the slowness and complexity.

It is not clear why the medical-health have been delivered to the foster parents of the child, in the meantime, arrived in Messina, only at the end of may of this year and tested on the 7th of June.

It is not clear why it should intervene as the Guarantor to support the tasks and charges owed to other governments. You don’t understand so many other things that I will make notes in these days after reported to a judicial authority”. Minister Cricket, “concern for Moise”, “I Read with apprehension the news on the state of health of the small Moise that must be transferred from the general hospital Messina hospital of Cagliari”.

The Health minister Giulia Grillo intervenes with a note on the history of child calabrese, suffering from a disease that forces him to the shelter since he was born, that would have to be transferred in the hospital sardo with an ambulance private. The transfer, scheduled for this morning, however, is skipped as it is intervened, one septic shock, and the Polyclinic hospital of Messina approved the ‘transferability’ but not the ‘dimissibilitá’ “From the Ministry we are monitoring the situation and verifying that all transfer procedures are carried out according to the established protocols, says the minister, “take this opportunity to thank all those who in these hours, you are working for the well-being of Moise”.(ANSA).

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