In 2017, more

In 2017, more than 21 billion of waste in health

In 2017 the National health Service has wasted more than 21 billion euros, almost one euro in every five

He calculated the Fondazione Gimbe in its sustainability report presented today. “Are updated estimates of the impact of waste on public health spending by 2017,” reads the document, according to which the amount of waste decreased by 1.3 billion compared to 2016 – 21,59 billion eroded from over-use of services and health services are ineffective or inappropriate (6,48 billion), fraud, and abuse (4,75 billion), purchases at excessive costs (2,16 billion), underutilization of services, and effective and appropriate (3,24 billion), administrative complexities (2. .37 billion), inadequate care coordination (2,59 billion)”. The Report also analyzes health spending in 2016, according to estimates, amounts to 157,613 billion euros, of which 112,182 billion of public expenditure, 45,431 billion of private spending (of which 5,601 billion spending intermediated, that is, managed funds and insurance companies) and 39,830 billion of expenditure paid by households (the so-called ‘out-of-pocket’). “Beyond re-evaluate in absolute numbers and percentage composition of health spending – explains the president of the Fondazione Nino Cartabellotta – the real challenge is to identify the return in terms of health for the resources invested: our preliminary estimates show that 19% of public spending, at least 40% of the out-of-pocket and 50% of the intermediate does not produce any return in terms of health”.

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