Bitter substances: effective digestion helper

Against many gastro-intestinal complaints, an herb is grown … This is especially true for the medicinal plants, in which many are bitter and contain substances.

Bitter substances: effective digestion helper-709

“What is bitter to the mouth, is the stomach healthy.” This old statement of the folk medicine, has now found sufficient confirmation in scientific studies. Plants, which contain abundant bitter substances, namely well-to support the stomach and intestines in their important tasks. So bring a disturbed digestion back to its healthy Balance.

What bitter substances can

The bitter ingredients of certain plants are therefore also called bitter – support the digestive system with a whole Portfolio of effects. For you to put your healing lever of seed in several Places at the same time. To activate the bitter substances quite intensely the secretion of saliva. We notice that, by the way, also, if we take something Bitter to us: Then the slime pulls together literally skin in the mouth. With more saliva that enters the stomach-intestinal tract, the digestion of amplified stimulated. The bitter helpers also ensure that more of the stomach is produced juice. This is another very effective measure for the digestive processes. Because more gastric juice improves the removal and the recycling of food

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