Grandma’s healing knowledge against constipation

Constipation a lot of suffering. However, there are great home remedies that ensure that the going to the toilet successfully.

Grandma's healing knowledge against constipation-812How often you have bowel movements varies from person to person. Between several times a day up to every two to three days is considered “normal”. Accordingly, the is also such a thing with the topic of constipation (med. Constipation): when the speech may be, cannot be generally valid. As a rough guideline, the following applies: of The bowel cannot be emptied over a period of three days.

Usually the chair of inertia is associated with loss of appetite and abdominal pain. The causes are often wrong eating habits: too little fresh fruit and vegetables and, thus, too little of the intestinal functions that are so important dietary fiber, too much sweets and white flour. However, the mind also plays a big role. Because mental problems loads not only on our mind, but also on the intestines. In rare cases, the side effects of psychotropic drugs or laxatives , as well as chronic liver and gallbladder disorders for the sluggish bowel .

Important: on pain at the anus, colic-like abdominal pain as well as severe vomiting and circulation problems, there may be an acute intestinal obstruction. In this case, you must immediately call an ambulance!

For the first time in the kitchen with constipation

A sluggish bowel can well be helped. Many foods have as a “side effect” a stimulating effect on the digestion and bowel movement. The knew even our grandmothers and prescribed himself and others first of all something from the kitchen pharmacy:

Figs and plums

Dry fruit helps the intestines quickly on the jumps. Cut figs, a few dried plums into small pieces and leave overnight in a glass of cold water to soak. The next Morning you eat the fruit and drink the soaking water on an empty stomach.

Olive oil

Around the Mediterranean sea is the age-old a tried and tested means, if the bowel movement does not quite work like: Drink in the morning on an empty stomach and at night before going to bed, a shot glass of warm water in which a tablespoon of olive oil and mix. Admittedly, this is not a delight to the palate, helps your sluggish colon but effective again on the jumps.


Effective digestion is also fresh Sauerkraut: eat three tablespoons daily or drink a glass of sauerkraut juice. You get in the health food store or in the meantime also in the well sort supermarket.

Milk products

Also a positive influence on the intestinal activities can be developed in sour milk products such as yogurt, Kefir or butter milk, of which in the evening before bedtime a glass or a few tablespoons of drink or food.


Flax seed is considered to be very beneficial to the digestive system, however, the success is not the same, but only after a few days. A bit of patience, you need to bring so please, pays off in the case of a General tendency to constipation, but in the long term: Take three tablespoons over the course of the day to yourself

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