Tradshow talks with Baymed Healthcare

Tradeshow talks with Baymed Healthcare ProductsBooth E10

Why are you here at Health GB?

We’re a manufacturer of surgical drapes, gowns, and surgical packs. We use the raw materials from Bayteks Nonwoven which is the number one producer of the raw materials required to make these products and because of this Baymed Healthcare Products, a medical subdivision of Bayteks Nonwoven, is number one manufacturer of sterile or non-sterile surgical packs, gowns, and drapes. We want to change some of the orders in hospitals, some of them are using reusable gowns and we want to change them to start to use our disposable gowns and this is one reason why we’re here at Health GB, as our slogan says, “We work for your health.”

What product are you focusing on?

We mainly focus on gowns, drapes, and packs, but, at the moment we are specifically focusing on packs, we offer general surgery packs, brain surgery packs, knee, orthoscopic packs, delivery packs, caesarean packs which is also a key product for us. One of our advantages is that we sell these products ready-to-use, surgical gowns used in the operation room, absorbent or repellent depending on what the doctor wants to use. We also have some special products, scrub suits. We sell to all types of hospitals and this is our target here in the UK, to sell all of our types of products in the UK, to general hospitals, government hospitals and private hospitals.

What markets are you trying to get into?

We will try any market and we can participate in any group, we can also help in public hospitals and private hospitals. Direct procurements, or indirect procurements it doesn’t matter. We are trying to enter the UK market but there are some neighbours to the UK, for example, Holland and France, they can also come and buy from us.

Conducted with Foreign Trade Manager Mustafa Güler

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