Live without a

Live without a phone, not an impediment to success

“In respect of the phone I have done the antibodies: I detoxed because I never started to use it”

To tell his life without smartphones, without ringtones, and vibration, is Pierpaolo, said Sandro Cortellini.

Not an artist or a musician by the spirit freak, but a freelancer and researcher, past-president of the European Federation of Periodontology and author of over 150 scientific publications.

“Everyone In the family have a mobile phone, my four children and my wife. But when you’re at the table all together, even for them, digital devices are banned”. The roots of choice are ancient. “My father, he recalls, he bought a holiday home and, as soon as we entered for the first time, cut the telephone wires”. Since then decades have passed, and in the midst of the digital revolution, but the sirens of iperconnessione not enchant him. “I live as there lived people before that inventassero the phone. If someone wants to reach me on the phone, in studio, or find my email on the internet.

When I travel for work, as soon as I reach a place I am writing to inform the house that are healthy and sound. ” But is the game worth the candle? Cortellini it is safe and secure. This dis-connection “represents a degree of freedom rules: do not be interrupted and controlled in continuation”.

On the other hand, he continues, even the use of the internet on the phone for up to date information is essential.

“We do not need to be informed in every single moment of what happens in the world.

If we know that, three hours after or the day after nothing happens. ” Another reason that keeps us tied to the smartphone is the feeling of being indispensable. “Instead, I think – explains – that people can get along fine without me, even if they can not reach me at any time.

” But for those who have already fallen into the ‘addiction’ from a phone, it is possible to take a step back? On this he has some doubts. “It’s a bit like getting a chronic illness and hope to see her regress: to make a step back is possible but very complicated. Those who want to do it you must work a lot on it.” .

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