Measles, child dead

Measles, child dead in Catania. In Sicily, the majority of infections by 2018

A child of 10 months, died this morning in the Garibaldi hospital in Catania for complications related to measles

He had been admitted to Acireale transferred from two days in the hospital of the city of catania for the exacerbation of respiratory conditions and cardiovascular. The child died at about 10.15 a. .m. in the intensive care unit of Garibaldi hospital-Catania’s city Center, directed by doctor Sergio Pintaudi. The baby was hospitalized in the department of pediatrics of the hospital of Acireale, because affection from measles, when in the afternoon two days ago respiratory condition and heart had worsened so as to require the need of a hospitalization in an intensive care unit.

The baby is already suffering from a heart defect he had been hospitalised from 3 to 16 march in the department dia pediatrics hospital Garibaldi-Nesima for bronchopneumonia and bronchiolitis in the presence of a virus, respiratory syncytial virus, and from where she was discharged improved with programmed control at a distance of 10 days. – The doctor,the child was small for the vaccine.

A warning to the others,”The tragic event that occurred to the little patient, who was not in the age to be vaccinated, and then contracted an infection from those vaccinated was not, should be a warning to all understand that vaccinandosi, you are protecting not only themselves but the whole community”.

He says, contacted by ANSA, the doctor Sergio Pintaudi, director of the intensive care ward of the Garibaldi hospital-Catania city Centre where this morning has died, a child of 10 months for the aftermath of an infection from measles. In the Garibaldi hospital in Catania, there are 218 cases of measles diagnosed, with two deaths from Measles:the doctor,the child was small for the vaccine. Warning to others – Iss, 411 cases and 3 deaths in the first two months 2018Il measles and influenza “are diseases considered to be benevolent but in reality they are not because large masses of the population to cause every year thousands of cases and many deaths: only in the first two months of 2018, in Italy have already registered two deaths”.

Adding to that, today the death of a baby of 10 months in Catania. To emphasize this, the president of the higher Institute of Health (Iss) Walter Ricciardi.

From 1 January to 28 February 2018, reports the latest update of the Iss, 16 Regions have reported to the national surveillance System integrated measles and rubella 411 cases of measles, including 2 deaths.

More than 80% of the cases was reported from 4 Regions (Sicily, Latium, Calabria and Tuscany). The Region of Sicily reported the highest incidence. The average age was 25 years. About 91% of the cases was not vaccinated, and a further 4,5% had received only one dose. 43% have developed at least one complication, while more than 60% of the cases was hospitalized. From the beginning of 2018, and highlights the Iss, “died of measles two persons, not vaccinated, respectively, of 38 and 41 years, both for respiratory failure”. In the same period were reported 3 cases of rubella.

There is a case of Sicily,1 patient on 2-to-Catania “In this moment there is in Sicily a situation acute for the number of cases of measles.

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