Here, all the

Here, all the Swedish medborgarforskning collected

Here, all the Swedish medborgarforskning collected 2018-03-14 The technological developments that medborgarforskning has increased exponentially in the last decade

Now, a national portal to help both researchers and the general public to find the right apps, and ethics so that future projects are of a high quality.

Vinnova will support the project with ten million sek over a three year period.

The public contribution to the research is beginning to be noticed increasingly.

Individuals that identify proteins or to classify galaxies mentioned now as co-author in scientific studies.

To Artportalen, which is Sweden’s largest projects in the medborgarforskning, it will enter a new observation every five seconds. Therefore, it is perhaps a natural step that all Swedish citizens ” is now collected in a single web portal. The project is a collaboration between Gothenburg university, the Swedish university of agricultural sciences (SLU), Umeå university and the association of Science .

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