Girl syrian, wrought

Girl syrian, wrought in Amman by physicians of the Child Jesus

A small refugee syrian of the name Eman, just a year, suffering from a severe heart defect, was operated on in a hospital in Amman by a medical team of the Bambino Gesù children’s hospital, sent by the Vatican

The pathology, atresia of the tricuspid valve, has a mortality in 90% of cases before the age of 10 years.

Open heart surgery was performed last week, and is one of eight operations that the surgeons of the Child Jesus to perform for free in Jordan, at the request of Pope Francis. Dr.

. Fiore Iorio, director of the Department Paediatric Cardiology Surgery of the Child Jesus, who has operated the small Eman, stressed that together with his colleagues, he feels the strong “moral duty to help these unfortunate children”, and through the surgeries, through both the teachings to colleagues giordani, who will continue the work in the future. ..

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