With natural medicine against colon cancer

Natural medicine can reduce the risk for colorectal cancer and in the treatment of effective help – by reinforcing conventional medical treatments.

Maßnahmen der Naturmedizin helfen Darmkrebs vorbeugen und mitbehandeln.

Each year 50,000 to 70,000 people in Germany are diagnosed with a new colorectal cancer. The risk for this disease, medically colorectal cancer called, rises steadily with age – the peak is at the age of 70 years. The most important measure for the early detection colonoscopy. Can intestinal polyps, from which a malignant intestinal tumor may develop, inflammatory changes, and the existing tumors in the colon . The removal of any existing intestinal polyps (see on the left in the image) lowers the risk of developing colorectal cancer.

Overall, the incidence rate for colorectal cancer in the last few years. But, According to cancer registry data at the Robert Koch Institute’s life five years after diagnosis, only about half of the Patients https://www.krebsdaten.de/Krebs/DE/Content/Krebsarten/Darmkrebs/darmkrebs_node.html).

Cancer prevention

Every day develop in our body of cancer cells. A healthy immune system can eliminate them, however, so harmless. The defense mechanisms of failure against the cancer cells, however, can spread in the body. It is important, therefore, to support the mechanisms, respectively, to regenerate, to prevent the cancer. In order to protect us from cancer, it is so, its emergence in the run-up to specifically counter it. This is the approach that the natural medicine is giving a priority attention.

Help from natural medicine

Intestinal flora renovation

In the case of tumor diseases is a change in the intestinal flora is often. Among other things, sulphur promotes hydrogen cell changes and the development of colon cancer. Responsible for the formation of hydrogen sulphide are sulphate-reducing gut bacteria (SRB) and Chlostridien. With a renovation of the intestinal flora allows the growth of stem.

Vitamin deficiency avoid and compensate for

The sufficient supply of Vitamin D, selenium, folic acid and Vitamin B6 should always be, and of any defects it quickly balanced guaranteed. Anti-inflammatory substances such as Omega-3 fatty acids , and acetyl salicilsäure (Aspirin) reduce the risk for colorectal cancer also.

On the diet

In Africa or Asia, the patients suffer a lot less likely to have colon polyps than in the Western world. Obviously, to promote our food and our life style the emergence of these cancer precursor. Who’s in control here against, prevents colon cancer. The show also scientific studies: they showed that a fiber-rich diet (at least 30 grams of fiber per day) with plenty of fruit and vegetables, little red meat and alcohol, and cancer inhibiting genes can be activated.

Interesting: the ingredients of Curry and onions may cause dangerous colon polyps push back and thereby colorectal cancer prevention. This has been proven by American doctors in a promising pilot study. Lactic acid-containing foods, such as yogurt, sour milk, sour milk, Kefir, Sauerkraut, help as well protect against colon cancer.

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