The brain makes

The brain makes mistakes and you autosabota, knowing them for a change

We convince ourselves that the exam will be evil and in the end, is this really so? Or during the sale we are convinced to buy from the discounts on things that we don’t need? Are two of the ‘errors’ most common, the effect of self-sabotage, and even, that our brain makes every day in a way that is completely unconscious

These ‘errors’, large or small, called in the jargon of psychological “cognitive biases”, which if known can also help to change, is dedicated to one of the campaigns launched online on the occasion of the third Italian edition of the brain awareness week, which takes place from the 12th to the 18th of march with open days, workshops, conferences, exhibitions, targeted screening for adults on the prevention of aging and for children and young people (for example, on learning disorders.

Hundreds of events and seminars throughout Italy, with membership of 600 professionals in 20 regions. Objective is the discovery of a body in fascinating and complex as the brain, of its functioning, and especially of his well-being.

Among the themes treated also online ways to ‘train’ the mind and fight aging, the effects of music on the synapse, and the new dependencies, such as those from the Internet or from the food.

“Faced with the growing complexity of contemporary society is the professional psychology has the scientific knowledge and techniques up to date to improve the quality of life, adaptability, creativity, and this will testify to the many initiatives” highlights Happy Torricelli, president of Enpap, the social security fund of Psychologists advocate of the initiative.

“The general goal is to increase the culture of neuroscience is promoting the research and awareness of cognitive functions and by providing guidance for life-styles, attitudes and behaviours are suitable to prevent disease states, but, above all, the promotion of health” stresses Elizabeth Grippa, who, together with Donatella Ruggeri coordinates the Week. .

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