Vaccines, Europe, asks

Vaccines, Europe, asks the opinion of the citizens and administration

How to communicate better, to improve the coverage and face out-of-stocks and fears about vaccines: are the objectives of the new plan of the European Commission, which has launched a public consultation, open until 15 march, asking citizens, administrations, and associations to express their point of view on these topics

Tips gathered will be used to draw up a proposal for a recommendation of the Council of the European Union for greater co-operation on the diseases preventable with the vaccine.

As it says on the website of the Commission, Europe is facing in many countries epidemics of measles of the vast entity, and what is still more serious, they are exporting to other parts of the world.

Furthermore, it is not possible to exclude the risk of reintroduction or import into the Eu of poliomyelitis, currently declared eradicated in Europe. Seeing that epidemics have no borders, serves as a joint action and a more coordinated approach at community level to limit the spread, taking advantage of cooperation between health authorities, industry, research and innovation. The results of the questionnaire, which is available in all european languages, will be made available to the public and will help to develop a joint action plan between the Eu member states and the Commission, and a proposal for a recommendation that will be enacted within the first half of 2018. (ANSA). . .

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