Roberto, from cancer

Roberto, from cancer patient to a physiotherapist in the ward that nursed him

At the age of 15 in the pediatric oncology department of the Burlo Garofalo Hospital of the Sad we came to seek a cure from the cancer that had afflicted him, a Hodgkin’s lymphoma

Now, at 24, he decided to come back, but with a coat from the physiotherapist I wear, to help children who, like him nine years ago, are going through the difficult phase of the illness: “For me – says Roberto Casalaz – was a return to the origins, I felt like I want to do this because of help and bring a smile to these children is a bit of a ransom in the positive against the disease that today affects them, and yesterday he hit me”. Of her experience as a teenager with a cancer Roberto speaks with serenity, emphasizing more times of being “lucky”: “The diagnosis of mi was made in 2008, but immediately I realized I was lucky. The tumour was caught early and I was able to do the chemotherapy via intravenous and not with a catheter. This has allowed me a certain freedom, so much so that I could for example continue to play football. The chemo lasted 4 months. But it went well and I have not had a relapse”.

Currently, she says, “I work as a physiotherapist in the same department that I received from the guy. I had this desire, so I asked to perform my master thesis with one of the professors of the department.

There are, therefore, remained as a volunteer and now I am waiting for the announcement for a scholarship”.

The disease, points out, “has taught me so much: in 15 years, you’re already big enough to understand what happens to you and in luck I got to be lucky: I had a family, friends, and of the great surgeons I have been able to count immediately. The disease has, however, pushed to get back on my game, to re-evaluate the things that we often take for granted, from health, to give things the right weight.

I learned to have more trust in others and now help other sick children not to lose trust in order to continue to be yourself. ” From fifteen-year-old tumour patient, still remembers Roberto, “I participated in the project ‘Point field’ which offered summer camps abroad for children with cancer to spend a period of heavy rain in facilities equipped for their needs, but also rich myriad of activities, from archery to horse riding”. The Foundation that ran the project, years later, has, however, decided this year not to rifinanziarlo.

Another challenge for robert, who will talk about his experience Saturday, February 17 in Udine at the conference “Healed for life”, promoted by the Italian Federation of associations of parents of pediatric onco-hematology (Fiagop) on the occasion of the world Day against childhood cancer: “With more volunteers we have formed the association, Plan C and with the donations obtained we can start again ‘Point to field'”. Because history is repeating itself, says the optimist Roberto, “with the hope of being able to see a smile to so many sick children in summer camps. Just as, many years ago, I did”. .

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