Measles: a call

Measles: a call for a great catch-up vaccination (even for adults)

There are these professors of medicine, gurus antivaccinaux or simply anti-labs who say since years that the measles is a benign disease and that imply that there is no need to get vaccinated since it is protected longer after she got it naturally

There are those who believe.. ..

and their children die.

The mother of Jessica (age 31) who died last Saturday of measles in Poitiers, “the rage” against the CHU of Poitiers where she thinks that her daughter has been contaminated. The investigation will tell what it is.

. Jessica was not immunized because the measles vaccine was only recommended, but was not included in the routine vaccinations when she was a baby, explained her mother.

For her, as for many others, “recommended” was understood as “optional”.

The decision of the minister of health, Agnes Buzyn, to return to a vaccination requirement as of this year will have the merit of putting an end to these misunderstandings. Catch-up national!This morning, on France Inter, Agn├Ęs Buzyn was clear: “I urge people who have not been vaccinated or who have not vaccinated their children to do a “catch-up”.

On Monday, the regional Agency of health of New-Aquitaine has already noted that “the vaccination coverage in the New Aquitaine is inadequate for dealing with this epidemic” (one-quarter of children are not protected at the age of two years) and that there was an urgent need to check that we had received two doses of vaccine in infancy (at 12 and 18 months).

The message is valid for all, and not only in this region. “People born since 1980 should have received a total of two doses of trivalent vaccine (MMR, Measles, mumps, rubella, ED)”, remember the immunization schedule 2018, published a few days ago. Two doses”If one was never vaccinated, he should do two doses, if one has received a single dose, it is necessary to make the second. .. .. and if one does not know and that one was born after 1980, it is necessary to make at least one dose,” says the Figaro, the Pr Daniel Florent, pediatrician-infectiologist and vice-chairman of the technical Committee of vaccinations. Why not if one was born before 1980? “Surveys of seroprevalence have shown that virtually all those who are born before 1980 have been contaminated by the measles!”, he explains. Jessica could she be saved if she had been informed in good time of cases of measles, with which it had been potentially in contact with the CHU of Poitiers? Here, too, the investigation will say but what is certain is that a preventive vaccination is possible in the 72 hours following the alleged contact, and that it is possible to administer the immunoglobulins in case of contraindication to the vaccine (for example pregnancy), even after 72 hours.

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