Elderly parents:neuropsychiatrist, suffering

Elderly parents:neuropsychiatrist, suffering for the child

(Elida Sergi) – The baby girl born to elderly parents in Casale Monferrato and now declared definitively to the role of government “at the age of about eight years, is perfectly aware of what is happening

In years of legal battles, it will be heard in contention, he will have sensed an insecurity of the future, which surely will have suffered, for this reason, in similar cases, namely, when we experience events so difficult, and you should not expose children to situations of conflict, but to protect them as possible.

This can be done through assessments of the family situation of the child by competent professionals on the evolutionary age”. Explain it is professor Ugo Sabatello, a child neuropsychiatrist at the university of Rome “La Sapienza”. According to the expert “it is impossible to tell if the girl you try sadness or relief, certainly has lived a difficult situation and the signs that may indicate discomfort in children who have experienced a traumatic situation have the tendency to get depressed or an aspect more related to the agitation, the restlessness”. “Definitely – adds Sabatello – it is good that it was put the word “end”, even for the parents. Stories like these are likely to be endless”. Taking into consideration what has been established by the Supreme court the expert explains that the judgment on the parents “does not seem to be related to age, but to the characteristics of these people: with a technical advisory, the parental couple was deemed to be inadequate so as to arrive at the choice is so painful the removal of the child. It is ratings super partes aimed at the protection of the child”.

While not considering the decision as linked to age, however, “there are two aspects that should be considered” the reasoning of the expert.

“In a social aspect and a biological, energy-related, the possibility of adaptation, vitality.

The more time passes the more it becomes tiring grow of children.” .

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