Comes the Day

Comes the Day for the health in the city

More than one Italian out of 3 lives in metropolitan cities but the urban life often puts your health at risk, increasing chronic diseases, particularly diabetes and obesity

To draw the attention of mayors on the theme, comes the national Day for the health and well-being in the city.

Presented today to the Ministry of Health, and sponsored by the Health City Institute and Cittadinanzattiva, will be celebrated on the 2nd of July of each year, starting from the next.

On the occasion of the Day, the municipal administrations will be invited to organise awareness-raising events within a national campaign, which this year has as its theme “Colours of health in your city”. “More than one Italian out of 3, or 37%,” explains Andrea Lenzi, coordinator of Health City Institute and chairman of the Committee for the biosafety of the Presidency of the council of ministers today live in 14 metropolitan cities.

As a corollary, we see a growth of non-communicable diseases, such as diabetes and obesity”. In Italy, according to ISTAT, people with diabetes are of 3.27 million, of which 52% live in 14 metropolitan Cities.

In particular, according to the elaborations of Health City Institute, in the capital alone there are over 286 thousand people with diabetes, in Naples almost 209 thousand, in Milan, more than 144 thousand. “Urbanization, observes Roberto Pella, vice-president of Anci, the – presents so many health risks, but also many opportunities to take advantage of with an administration that is conscious. It is necessary to identify action strategies to make aware the governments, regions, cities, and citizens of the importance of health promotion in urban environments, imagining a new model of urban well-being”. There are many initiatives aimed at municipal administrators undertaken in this direction, among them also the “Rome of the Urban Health Declaration” signed between the Ministry of Health, ANCI on the occasion of the G7 of the December 2017 in Rome. “The goal of these initiatives and the Health City Institute – concludes Lenzi – is to make the city more ‘Healthy’, that is, aware of the importance of health as a collective good and that, therefore, put in place clear policies to protect it”. .(ANSA). . .

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