The first machine

The first machine that cure the tremor of Parkinson’s disease with ultrasound

It allows to treat in a non-invasive neurological disorders debilitating, acting even on the tremors dominant Parkinson’s disease, the new equipment with focused ultrasound, guided by magnetic resonance imaging, unveiled today at the Borgo Trento hospital of Verona

Verona – has explained the general director of the hospital, Francesco Cobello – is the first machine of this type installed in Europe, thanks to an investment of over 7 million euros, made possible by a contribution of 1.36 bn of the Fondazione Cariverona. . 1, 36 mln.

MRgFus, this is the acronym that identifies the machine, is used in the treatment of neurological, oncological and in the field of women’s health, uterine fibroids and adenomyosis. It is also the only one to work with a system resonance at high field 3 Tesla. Cobello explained that the machinery allows to treat in a non-invasive way the different types of diseases, taking advantage of ultrasound to destroy the alterations in benign tissue, without affecting healthy surrounding”. This happens through a rise in the temperature in a controlled and extremely precise, thanks to the support of the “imaging” of anatomical and thermometry magnetic resonance imaging.

It can cure and alleviere different types of tremor: essential tremor, neuropathic pain and tremor-dominant Parkinson’s. The inauguration was also attended by the president of the Veneto Region, Luca Zaia. “The development of this new medotica – concluded Cobello – applied to treatments of diseases neurofunzionali, allows to solve in an immediate way and with extreme accuracy symptoms that are sufficiently severe to interfere with normal life.

Think for example of the tremor caused by Parkinson’s disease”.

Applications have already been launched with success at the hospital of Verona, to treat pathologies, heavily invalidating on a sample of patients selected by a multi-disciplinary team of neuroradagiologi, neurologists, neurosurgeons, and medical physicists. . .

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  1. Bobbi SilvermanApril 28, 2018

    Can this machine cure orthostatic tremors?


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