One hour of

One hour of video game to improve your concentration

An hour of video games can increase visual concentration

This was revealed by a research published in the journal Frontiers in Human Neuroscience, and conducted by experts at the University of Arkansas and the Ministry of Education in China. The study involved nearly 30 young people, university students of both experts ‘and novices’ videogame action.

The researchers measured their skills of visual concentration at the beginning of the study and then again after an hour of games at a certain video game. Initially the experienced players stood above the others in terms of attention and concentration, visual selective, the ability of the brain to pick up visual information important and discarding other, less relevant, and the only source of distraction.

After one hour of play the selective attention of the two groups is is all matching, and neural activity of non-experts in the video has changed. The study suggests that simply very little, use the short space of an hour of a videogame, in order to obtain positive effects on visual concentration. .

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