Physical activity, beneficial

Physical activity, beneficial to health, and waist circumference even without weight loss

For the past few years, the idea that one can be fat and still in good health his way

A hypothesis came from studies showing that the body alone is not always a good indicator and predictor of health problems to come. But mostly because two people of the same waist size can have a different distribution of fat subcutaneously (just under the skin) and visceral, that is to say, in depth around the viscera (intestine, liver, heart, etc). “The accumulation of fat around the viscera is considered to be particularly dangerous because it is strongly correlated with cardiovascular risk factors and metabolic”, emphasized already there a decade ago two researchers, Hallgreen and Hall, in the International Journal of Obesity.

They confirmed that obesity visceral disappeared more quickly than the obesity subcutaneous what are the strategies adopted for weight loss: bariatric surgery, restrictive diet, with or without physical activity associated with it.The study recently published in the online journal PLOS One, researchers at the university of Copenhagen shows that regardless of the weight of a person, a major factor of good health could be the level of physical activity.

Be very active indeed increase the risk of obesity, abdominal as well as inflammation.

“This is one more proof that it is very important not to have too little physical activity”, explains le Figaro professor Dylan Thompson from the university of Bath (Great Britain). “It can be inferred that if the people improve their physical condition, they will have real benefits and tangible for their health”, he adds.

Would it be only by the improvement of the metabolic profile caused by intense physical activity, even when it is brief (our editions of the may 7, 2016). The Danish researchers show that a better physical fitness is associated with less abdominal fat, regardless the body mass index (BMI).

This is especially important because obesity leads to a general inflammatory response of the body, as can be observed in particular by the elevation of biomarkers assayed in a blood test.

With adverse effects on the cardiovascular and metabolic.

Two years ago, French researchers have shown that inflammation alters the function of intestinal cells, which were then passing into the body more sugars and fat than necessary. The Danish study focused on a large sample of almost 11 000 people from 13 cities of the country. “This is one of the cross-sectional studies (evaluation of a population at a given time, editor’s NOTE) the most important to date,” says the Pr Dylan Thompson. The Danish researchers show that a better physical fitness is associated with less abdominal fat, regardless the body mass index (BMI).

The more in physical form and the greater the waist circumference decreases, even if this does not translate into a loss of weight. “BMI is not a measure of the fat mass of the body even if the two are often linked,” says professor Thompson. “What you must remember is that physical activity is good for all levels of risk. It is constantly a benefit,” explains professor Jean-François Toussaint, professor of physiology at the university of Paris Descartes and director of the Institute of medical research and epidemiology for sport (Irmes) in Paris.

“The important thing is to do what suits you, ensures the Pr all saints.

You don’t have the time? Make the most of your travel because it is a daily activity and almost inevitable, which can become a special time to improve your physical condition. .” .

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