Cancer:interventions in the

Cancer:interventions in the pancreas, specialists from Verona to Cagliari

(ANSA) – CAGLIARI, 12 FEB – At the ” Policlinico “Duilio Casula” diMonserrato (Cagliari), will be executed interventions against iltumore to the pancreas

Thanks to a memorandum of understanding tral’Azienda ospedaliero universitaria (Aou) di Cagliari, and Azienda ospedaliero universitaria integrata (Aoui) of Verona ipazienti can be operated in the Island in safety. You’ve already started an intense training course deichirurghi of the complex structure of surgery generalepolispecialististica, directed by Pietro Giorgio Calò, who siavvale of the great experience of the hotel veronese, among lepiù important in the world in this type of operations. The primointervento of the hospital will be Friday, February 16, from 8: 30 am,and will be carried out on a patient suffering from cancer of the testadel the pancreas. In the operating room Claudio Bassi, director of the chirurgiagenerale and of the pancreas of the Aoui (among the highest espertimondiali of this type of tumor), the professor Dropped eMassimiliano Tuveri, surgeon of the Aoui. It will be a operazioneparticolarmente complex, which is expected to last at least cinqueore.

In the afternoon, at 16 aula 1-axis And CittadellaUniversitaria) professor Low will give a lecture ancheprendendo as a point of reference for the intervention of the morning.

Pancreatic cancer is a disease that is very aggressive cheal the time of diagnosis occurs in 80% of cases in unostadio very advanced. Represents, in western countries, laquarta cause of death from cancer.

In Italy there are over 8 thousand new cases a year, especially in the adult population,and even more so in the elderly. In Sardinia, between 70 and 100pazienti each year require surgery to neoplasiadel the pancreas. These, in addition to the more rare cases dineoplasie of the biliary tract and duodenum. Only approximately 20% of these tumors is removed radically at the time delladiagnosi.

Surgery remains the only radical treatment.

Despite this, about 80% of patients experiencing comunqueuna recurrence within 3 years from the surgical treatment. The curadelle patients with pancreatic cancer is, however, possible. Therapy ènella most cases multi-modal.(ANSA). . .

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