Sex (involuntary) through

Sex (involuntary) through the urethra

The story takes place in Croatia

A priori, the couple in their thirties who consults a gynecologist for infertility does not appeal to the attention. Both in good health, with no past medical history personal and of a middle socio-professional high. At most noted that they had started quite late in their sexual life, to the approach of the thirties, and that it was his first to her.

Since a year and a half, they had regular unprotected sexual intercourse, but without success.

He had recently done a sperm analysis and it was normal.

Small pénisDe her side, she had already consulted twice a gynecologist for urinary tract infections when she was twenty years ago and it was simply noted that she was a virgin.

But this time, a surprise was waiting for the gynecologist who received the couple. First, the fact that it still has a hymen (cribiforme , riddled with small holes) in spite of regular intercourse with penetration reported by the couple, then a urinary opening (meatus) expands to achieve a diameter of 3 cm. A measure was then told a depth of 2. .5 cm.

. He had a penis rather small, about 10 cm in erection. Coitus urethral”They were both unable to distinguish between a vaginal intercourse of intercourse, urethral”, note the authors of this report published in the “Archives of sexual behavior”, “both thought to have a normal sexual intercourse including vaginal penetration”, add the doctors croats, indicating that the patient had “pain and discomfort” during the first penetration.

The story ends well, since the surgical incision of the hymen was to allow vaginal penetration normal and achieve a pregnancy three months later. The authors conclude that it is necessary to consider the possibility of a sexual intercourse urethral incase of infertility, if there is a urethral meatus dilated, even in the absence of other abnormalities of the genital area. . .

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