The stigma, a

The stigma, a barrier to the treatment of psychiatric diseases

The prejudices about the psychiatric illnesses have a hard life

Schizophrenics are still too often perceived as dangerous persons, and alcoholics as weak people unable to fight their demon. To change the look of the company on the psychiatric illness and to better take care of it, Perrine Curvale, psychologist at Assistance Publique-Hôpitaux de Marseille (AP-HM) and two other psychologists marseilles have developed a web documentary. Designed by the Solidarity association Rehabilitation, “Epsykoi” seeks to deconstruct the myths and to raise awareness among the young public of the warning signs of mental disorders. Interactive this web documentary sets 4 symptoms of a psychiatric disease: anxiety, addiction, depression, and feelings of persecution.

For each, users can choose to look at the portrait of the young patients, the testimony of a close relative or even the look of a professional. Epsykoi also offers two portraits of young adults with psychiatric illnesses.

In one of them, Lou Fad, author of comic strip, tells the story of how she tames her cyclothymia, a type of bipolar disorder, to live a fulfilled life.

“We don’t have the choice. You have to live with,” she said, smiling. ” READ ALSO – mental illness: why not me? “We wanted to show that the psychiatric illness is not a fatality. This message is not intended only to youth with disabilities. We are all concerned of near or by far by these pathologies,” says Perrine Curvale. The Solidarity association Rehabilitation hopes to be able to disseminate Epsykoi in schools from September 2018. Fighting against a distorted image conveyed by the médiasDans Society and Mental Health, a survey conducted by psychologists from the university of Baylor (Usa) with 1200 people shows that this discourse, stigma, and violence is always rooted in the society. “This distorted image is partly conveyed by the media, lamented the fact that Perrine Curvale. In newspapers or movies, it shows only the mentally ill that go wrong.

We only present the units for difficult patients. It never speaks of persons who are well and who lead a normal life”. In investigating the use of the word “schizophrenic” in the press, the Observatory of society and consumption has especially denounced in 2017 the role of the articles on judicial “construction quite a systematic “picture of the monster””. A stigma that represents a brake terrible access to care, particularly among the young.

Yet, it is between 15 and 25 years that the first symptoms of a psychiatric illness arise. “The patients we take in adult psychiatry have a long journey of suffering which very often started in adolescence. But at this age, it is said that the psychiatry for the insane. But it is known that by acting early, we can prevent entry into a disorder more severe”, raises the psychologist. .

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