The gene Jolie

The gene Jolie does not increase the mortality rate of breast cancer

The mutation of the gene Brca, the so-called ‘gene Jolie’ which increases up to eight times the risk of cancer is not a death sentence, given that if you have breast cancer the chances of survival are the same compared to patients who did not have the mutated Dna

A study from the university of Southampton published in the journal the Lancet Oncology, also found that the mastectomy after the diagnosis has no effect on the hope of survival. The Brca mutation has been ‘made famous’ by the actress, who has made public his decision to be removed beforehand both breasts after discovered to have the gene. The study examined the data of 2733 women between 18 and 40 years who had a diagnosis of breast cancer, of which 12% had the mutation.

Ten years after the diagnosis had not survived the cancer 651 women, and the mortality was equal in both groups.

A third of women with the mutation had opted for the double mastectomy, the authors emphasize, but this type of intervention has not changed the probability of survival.

“This tells us that the radical surgery should not be done immediately, along with the other treatments – stresses to the Bbc, Diane Eccles, the main author, even if probably the mastectomy can give you benefits in the long term, twenty or thirty years after the initial diagnosis”. .

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