In Pordenone a

In Pordenone a stop to operations because of the hospitalizations for the flu

The influenza epidemic blocks, surgical interventions in the province of Pordenone

The three hospitals – in the regional capital, San Vito al Tagliamento and Spilimbergo – have suspended the sittings of surgery scheduled for Monday 15 January, to create availability of beds to ensure the management of emergencies related to influenza. “The decision has been taken to cope with the increased flows determined from the peak of the epidemic of influenza, said the BEND in the sanitary director Giorgio Sclippa – the exacerbation of chronic diseases in any way related to the same virus and the complications that are connected, and an unusual load of urgent surgical”. The exceptional provision concerns, for now, only the activities planned for Monday. On the same day will be made available as an update on the progress of the phenomenon of increased blood flow hospital, to decide whether to extend the reconfiguration of surgical activities for the following days. “We expect a boom of accesses in the end of the week – has confirmed Sclippa – and don’t feel to engage beds for patients scheduled. The company management is aware of the inconvenience caused to the citizens, but the measure, which follows all other organizational reviews that have already been adopted, it was necessary and cannot be postponed.

Just as an example, these days we have an average of 15 patients is beyond the capacity of the department of Pneumology, who are housed in the Surgery. To re-protect those who are waiting for interventions, we will proceed with the overbooked: will not pass away in the tail of the list, but the priority will be assigned based on the urgency of the surgical approach”. .

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