Yes the Eu

Yes the Eu Parliament and the cut of the bisphenol A, to zero in the food of the children

The environment Committee of the european Parliament has given the go-ahead to cut substantially limits contamination of bisphenol A (a chemical commonly used in plastics) from paints and coatings as those used on the inside of the cans, to food

The draft of the implementing regulation proposed by the european Commission, approved by parliament, it lowers the limits of migration of the substance from 0.6 mg to 0.

.05 mg per pound of food, and reduces them to zero food for children and infants. By June 2017, the bisphenol A was added to the list of substances of very high concern by the Eu agency for the chemical, and its use in materials for food contact is subject to restrictions and prohibitions in France, Belgium and Sweden.

The amendment to reject the proposal of the Eu Executive and ask for a total ban in the Eu was beat by 42 votes to 17. . .

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