Thirteen cases of

Thirteen cases of measles in Obstetrics in Sanremo

Thirteen cases of measles in the department of obstetrics of the hospital of Sanremo

The two were emerged in December, when the virus had infected a midwife and a gynaecologist.

The new cases concern the 9 adults who attended the department, a newborn baby and a thirteen year old. The newborn was transferred to children’s hospital Gaslini of Genoa. At the moment it is unknown the origin of the infection.

The gynecologist and the midwife may have contracted the measles from a patient or a visitor. The Asl, however, has ascertained that all the other infected have had acquaintances in the department of obstetrics, and that no one had been vaccinated. Among these, also the husband of a woman in travail. Five infected were hospitalized in the infectious diseases department of the same hospital, the others are in home care. “We are not in front of a epidemic, no scaremongering,” says the dg of the Asl Marco Bauer Prioli. In Sanremo the 5 January, due to a complication from the measles had died, a 40/year-old. The news is reported by the newspapers Printing and The NINETEENTH Century. .

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