Solidarity tourism, the

Solidarity tourism, the sick free of charge in the hotel, and funds for hospitals

When I come to Rome and step many weary days in the hospital with my therapies, it is nice to go back to the hotel where everyone is kind with me, I have a big room with the tv. And for a while I forget what a little bad that has happened



.”. Nothing better that the words of a sick child, and housed in a roman family to describe the work that in these 20 years has brought forward the association Stay Clear Sandro Gabbani, non-profit organization of Federalberghi Roma, which since 1997 has offered nearly 90 thousand overnights free of charge to patients in treatment in hospitals in the Capital (in particular the Child Jesus, Policlinico Umberto I, Sant Eugenio hospital, rome Tor Vergata, st. . John and St.

. Peter).

An idea from the generosity of Sandro Gabbani, owner roman who died at a young age that, while he was in care in a cancer ward, he realized of the enormous problems to which they were going to meet sick people and relatives when they came from other regions.

And that the chairman of Federalberghi Rome, Giuseppe Roscioli hopes it can extend also to the rest of Italy. And not only that: given that Stay Clear of Sandro Gabbani is based only on the generosity of the hoteliers participating that offer rooms free of charge, the proceeds of the donations and of the 5 per thousand is given for the purchase of diagnostic tools, and other necessities to a figure equal to almost 300 thousand euro. Speaking of the latest equipment purchased, thanks to them, there are Federico Vigevano and Nicola Specchio department of neuroscience of Bambino Gesù Hospital: “Thanks to the Serene accommodation in the center, that is more than 10 thousand visits a year and 7 thousand a Day Hospital or will have, a unique case in Italy, a machine for High Density EEG, which is essential in the diagnosis and therapy of epilepsies. If so far, in fact, with the electroencephalogram (eeg) traditional we could ‘map’ only about twenty areas of the brain, now we pass to more than 200. This will allow us to make the diagnosis a lot more accurate”.

From the department Hematology of the Policlinico Umberto I, there is Robin Foà, who explains: “Everyone in Italy are cared for in spite of the portfolio and of their origin, but, with the rise of the age of the population, public health is not we would do without the help of associations like this.

Among the many your aid, in addition to equipment (such as the sequenziometro to define the genetic lesions in patients with hematologic malignancies) and the sick that are hosted, I want to mention also the assistance given to the support of young haematologists in Italy for the updates that are from Countries in difficulty, from Iraq to Kurdistan”. Foa also cites the commitment of Rosanna Armellini, angelo operating the organization “in which the phone is switched on night and day all the sacred days of the year”. The Armellini for his part, very moved, he thanked all his volunteers “silent” and that the innkeepers and all of their employees that voluntarily and without being requested to assist and are close to these people in an indescribable way. . On www. .soggiornoserenosandrogabbani. .it the information on how to support the association and donate the 5 per thousand. . .

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