Bordeaux: the measles

Bordeaux: the measles epidemic is gaining ground

Since November, 77 cases of measles have been identified in the bordeaux conurbation, announced Thursday in a press release the regional Agency of health (ARS) who warns against a failure of the vaccination coverage in France, and particularly in New Aquitaine

In December last year, “the 16 cases of measles were identified on different sites of the university campus of Bordeaux,” then “38 new cases (.. .. .) in the whole of the municipality”. “The measles epidemic that has hit the university campus in December, is now expanding to the bordeaux conurbation. In total, 77 cases have been identified since November of 2017, including 12 hospitalizations,” says the LRA.

An infected person can infect between 15 and 20″The epidemic particularly affects young adults and children”, and “can spread rapidly since a person infected with measles can infect between 15 and 20 people,” said the Agency, which recalls “the importance of being vaccinated to stop the epidemic and avoid severe neurological complications, or even death”. In its press release, the ARS also highlights “inadequate immunization coverage”, including New-Aquitaine and, more particularly, in the Gironde. Currently, she says, “the vaccination coverage remains insufficient in France in the 15-35 years of age and among infants, which explains that the virus continues to circulate in the country”. Indicative of ARS reminds us that in the Gironde, in 2015, the immunization coverage with Measles-Mumps-Rubella (MMR) was “to 80,3 % in children 2 years of age” while the world Health Organization (WHO) recommends that 95%” of coverage. By measure of prevention, the ARS, therefore, invites the population of bordeaux to check the state of his vaccination and that of their children (health card, vaccination certificate. .. .. .), and stressed that measles “is a disease that we can hope to make them disappear completely due to the vaccination”.

A virus very contagieuxLa measles is a viral infection that is highly contagious and potentially serious. Transmission is mainly by air either directly from a patient, either because of the persistence of the virus in the air.

The rash lasts 5 to 6 days, the complex shapes are more frequent in patients aged less than 1 year and more than 20 years.

” READ ALSO – What are the symptoms of measles? According to figures of the ARS of New Aquitaine, between 2008 and 2016, more than 24,000 cases of measles were reported in France (of which nearly 15,000 cases in 2011 alone). Nearly 1500 cases have presented a pneumopathy serious, 34, a neurological complication, and 10 have died. . .

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