Alcohol, smoke, gamble

Alcohol, smoke, gamble game, a guide to anti-dependencies for teenagers

In Italy, 20% of young people between 15 and 34 years of age consumed frequently alcohol, 16% smoke up to the age of 24 years and 19% had consumed cannabis within a year

It is also 49% the percentage of young people between 14 and 19 years old, that have gambled at least once a year.

Are some statistics on the dependencies of youth, as presented in the new issue of ‘School Health’ (sources: European Observatory on drugs, Doxa, Istat, Nomisma and Unipol), in care of the Institute Infant Jesus to the Health of the Child and of the Adolescent. The magazine, directed by professor Alberto G. Ugazio, showing a series of information on the damage caused by addiction and the public some expert tips on how to cope with the risks that you may encounter.

. – Alcohol. The use is already frequently between 11 and 15 years of age, although within doctor if they recommend the prohibition until at least 16 years of age. “Only starting from this age, in fact, the body will be able to metabolizzarlo in the correct way.

Parents and teachers will have to put the current young people about the risks related to the use of alcohol. In more severe cases, you will have to turn to one specialist. ” – Smoking in adolescence.

This is a critical step in the life of the boys.

Is abandoned the role of the child in the family and builds a new identity, as an adult, in society. Within these changes, the smoke could take a facilitator role in the insertion of the peer group, a kind of initiation rite. “It is appropriate to distinguish between infrequent use and dependence, characterized by a strong desire of smoking and that distracts the guy from their everyday commitments”.

Packaged cigarettes, hand or electronic, are not all harmful. “It’s important not to judge or scold the boy reads on the digital magazine ‘School of Health’ – but listen, and understand if it is a gesture to emulate the companions, or a help request or automedicamento to relieve discomfort”. In the following “it will be appropriate to look together for alternative strategies that will allow you to experience a feeling of well-being, making use of specialists. ” Finally, “to be heard you have to give the good example”.

. – Cannabis. According to the data of the 2017 european monitoring centre for Drugs and drug Addiction, cannabis is the drug most consumed in the world.

In Europe make use of nearly 90 million people: of these, 17 million are aged between 15 and 34 years of age declare having consumed at least once in the last year. According to a study of 2014, published in the scientific journal The Lancet Psychyatry, the 17% of the consumers are teenagers then become dependent. You get 50% when it is consumed every day. Typically the substance is taken through the smoke with involvement of the immediate cardio-respiratory. The most important active ingredient in cannabis, Delta 9 Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), acts on different areas of the brain, and because of, among others, negative effects on memory and learning, as well as on the systems of regulation of movements. “Parents and teachers – explain the doctors of the Child Jesus – should be aware that the abuse of cannabis is one of the main risk factors of psychiatric illness, and must know how to recognize certain signals and indicators.

Among these are changes in behavior and hyperemia of the conjuctiva (the classic eye redness). They are also called to stand beside the girls and put aside the tones judgemental attitudes and repressive. It is good to suggest how more healthy to relax and to pass the message that in order to be accepted by others, you do not always be euphoric or uninhibited”. . – Online games.

It’s dependencies without substances, and are included in the wider one from the internet. “In general – to declare the doctors of the Pediatric Hospital of the Holy see – are the three core symptoms on which is based every form of dependence, including the one from the game: the craving, the sudden desire to take a substance, withdrawal (restlessness with physical and psychological symptoms if you cannot play the game) and the tolerance, understood as a progressive increase of the time of the game with lack of interest in the hobby before. ” The loss of the sense of reality, the development of symptoms, dissociative and social withdrawal are the first dangerous consequences caused by the absorption in virtual worlds, but is also often associated with obesity. “To deal with the addiction is crucial not to underestimate the scale and start the therapeutic interventions specific structures that provide psychological services to support the player and his family”.

. – Gambling games. The data on this dependence are alarming.

According to the National Observatory on the Health of Children and Adolescents, in Italy, 20% of boys aged between 10 and 17 years of age he attended betting agencies and 25% of children (between the ages of 7 and 9 years old) uses its own ‘pocket money’ for lotteries and scratch cards. The game becomes a danger when we lose the capacity to establish and respect a certain limit of time and money to use. “Between the signals the indicators to observe are the ongoing interest in gambling, lack of interest in school activities and leisure activities, frequent unexcused absences, sleep disturbances, and theft in the house.

Also in this case, they conclude, the doctors of the Child Jesus – the attention of the family is crucial. .” .

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