Abortion: for the

Abortion: for the first time under 60 thousand for the Italian

Decrease the interruption of pregnancy voluntary, for the first time the value falls below 60,000 for the Italian citizens

It emerges from the annual report of the Ministry of Health on the application of the Law 194 of 1978. The decreasing trend follows the trend of the last three years, even if it is minor compared to 2014 and especially 2015.

The data provided by the Report relates to the end of 2016, but the detection is continued up to October 2017 for the sake of completeness of the data.

The number of abortions performed reported by the Regions is the state of 84926, a decrease of 3.1% compared to 2015, the year in which was recorded a -9. .3%.

Since more than halved with respect to the 234801 1982, the year in which it was found the highest value in Italy. The relationship of abortion, i.

.e. the ratio between the number of abortions volunteers per 1000 live births, is of 182. .4, with a decrease of 1. .4% compared to 2015, when the value was 185. .1.

Consider that in these two years, the births fell to 7,910.

Italian girls are resorting less to the voluntary interruption of pregnancy among minors, the rate of abortion for 2016 was equal to 3.

.1 per 1000. Value identical to that of 2015, but a decrease compared to previous years, with higher levels in central Italy. However, the figure remains lower than in the other Countries of Western Europe. The data are contained in the annual Report of the Ministry of Health.

From the information provided by Regions, it emerges that the young, between 15 and 20 years, of generations, more recent data show a different trend compared to that of other age groups: in the last year was registered an increase, followed by stabilisation and then a decrease of this last is less evident in 15-16enni. This may be related to the increase for the very young the number of partners, which you resize with age, and at the beginning at an increasingly early age of sexual intercourse. At the same time in this age group results in a lower spread of hormonal contraception, compared to other european Countries where they use much more of the pill, while remaining the highest rate of abortion.

The low percentage among the young people of italy both of the pregnancies of voluntary interruptions compared to the North European Countries, is explained by the fact that they remain longer in the family, and manage and then years of sexual activity, not only in adolescence, continuing to live with their parents. This causes the frequency of sexual intercourse and number of partners are lower than their peers in other european Countries.

Detected among young people the increasing spread of the condom. . .

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