HIV : a

HIV : a weekly treatment in the course of development

Take a single medicine per week for treatment of their hiv-positive status

Researchers have announced, in a press release, Tuesday 9 January, the development of a capsule that slowly release a drug.

In the ingesting once a week, the capsule dropped each day the dose required for treatment in the body. The team of the hospital to the Brigham in Boston (US) and MIT, who published these results in Nature Communications, has tested the capsule on pigs “because of the anatomy of their stomach closely resembles that of humans”. Once in the stomach, the envelope of this pill new generation unfolds to give way to a star of 4 cm wide. With its six branches, it can contain different drugs, each of which is released gradually as a function of the dosage.

The capsule is too large to pass into the intestine so that it remains in the stomach..

.. up to the end of his toil. Once the work has been accomplished, the star is broken into pieces and passed through the intestine.

The design of the capsule. Nature Communications. Chalmers, Biomechatronics and Neurorehabilitation Laboratory Tested for Receivingthe researchers have, therefore, given to pigs this capsule, in which they had shipped drugs to the combination therapy of anti-HIV (dolutegravir, cabotegravir and rilpivirine). And they have measured, all the days, the dose of the medicine present in the body of pigs.

According to Giovanni Traverso, the coordinator of the study, “these assay systems are as or more effective, than the daily-dose data currently available for the treatment of HIV. ” Indeed, as recalled by the hospital to the Brigham in Boston (United States) in its press release, few people comply with their prescriptions. However, a patient who is not rigorous in the monitoring of antiretroviral treatment, expensive and to be accompanied by significant side effects, risk of allowing the HIV to replenish themselves, to develop resistance to the drugs, or transmit sexually the virus.

According to the study, both those who are taking treatment against the virus, than those who have a preventive use of antiviral drugs, will be able to take this capsule on a weekly basis.

Before the capsule is launched for therapeutic use in humans, further tests will be needed. Other diseases chroniquesMais scientists would like, that this medical device is used in patients who have other chronic diseases and who must undergo a treatment very binding.

To carry out this study, the researchers also relied on a previous publication studying the prevention of malaria, thanks to a capsule similar. Concerning HIV, the researchers believe they can avoid with it 200,000 to 800,000 infections over 20 years. According to UNAIDS, 1. .8 million people have been infected with HIV in the world in 2016, and 36.

.7 million are living with the disease, including more than 20 million treated with antiretrovirals.

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