Cannabis for therapeutic

Cannabis for therapeutic patients on the black market for non-stop therapy

“A minefield”, so the Italian Society of Pharmacology and Toxicology define the development of the market of cannabis for therapeutic purposes

While the associations demonstrate the difficulty of the patients to obtain the cannabis products and turn to the black market in order not to stop the prescribed treatment, the two scientific societies stress that there are no studies with definitive conclusions on safety and efficacy.

Not only that, experts point out that, “recent international surveys have shown that knowledge of the pharmacology and toxicology of Cannabis derivatives on the part of doctors that prescribe it is rather unsatisfactory, and it is precisely for this reason – explain – our Companies are working to achieve specific training courses for doctors and pharmacists”.

And they also need to evaluate more carefully the necessary steps in the development of the market, essentially new. The number of patients is very extensive – people with chronic pain, multiple sclerosis, cancer patients – and using the prepared Cannabis, the FM-2.

The Italian Coalition for freedom and civil rights in the past few weeks, publicly asked for the intervention of the Ministry of Health to ensure that the government provide to compensate for the lack of the product. .

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