Teen children of

Teen children of the smartphone, sad and a little self-employed

Slower, depressed and vulnerable psychologically, do less sex, they go out less, but they are strangers for their parents: a portrait of adolescents of today, the generation of the smartphone

In the Usa they call them iGen, but their characteristics also apply to the guys at our house. To launch the alarm are the pediatricians of the cultural Association of pediatricians on their magazine, Journal, to “save a generation unprepared to become an adult”. Teenagers are not only more sedentary and fat, but literally lying down, writes Augusto Biasini, pediatrician of the hospital Bufalini of Cenena – are slower in the run and every 10 years for pardon, 5 kilometres per hour speed”. But this is not the only damage caused by the stay always with the eyes on the smartphone.

Whether they are poor or rich, who live in a metropolis or small cities, “are more comfortable in the house, lying in bed, out at a party or in the car. Don’t go out – have a look – because their social life takes place on the iPhone.

The number of guys who goes out with friends almost every day is down 40% from 2000 to 2015″.

They are also less interested in relationships with the opposite sex: the appointment after having spoken with only 56%.

They make less sex: in 2016, was 67% less than in 1991. “They spend a lot of time in the family, but are unrelated to their parents.

Are safer from alcohol and accidents – continue – because it is less interested in autonomy and freedom. At the end of high school, 25% of boys has not been the driving licence”. (ANSA). . .

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