Compulsory Vaccination: a

Compulsory Vaccination: a story of choice of public health

The government could no longer procrastinate. He wasn’t scared

And public health prevailed over demagoguery, anti-science and relativism of the time.

On 4 July, the prime minister, Édouard Philippe, announced in its policy statement: “diseases that were thought eradicated will develop again on our territory. Children are dying of measles today in France. In the home of a Pastor, it is not eligible. The next year, the vaccines for the childhood, which are unanimously recommended by the health authorities, will become mandatory. “By this choice, the minister of Health, Agnes Buzyn – because it is her that he is, registered his name in the history of France of public health, next to that of Simone Veil (abortion, 1974), Claude Évin (alcohol, 1991), and Xavier Bertrand (tobacco, 2006). Breaking with a current which, since the Kouchner law of 2002 “on the rights of the patients and the quality of the health system”, giving more power to patients, the minister reminds the opinion that, in matters of science, all opinions are not created equal. “I don’t like to impose obligations – it is not my temperament – but this is justified in terms of vaccination”, she says from the day after the speech of the prime minister. In fact, did she really have the choice? On 8 February, the Council of State had notice to cut the gordian knot that his predecessors had tried, in vain, to untangle, urging him “in a period of six months, and unless the law is evolving by broadening the scope of mandatory vaccinations, taking action, or to seize the competent authorities to make available vaccines corresponding to the only obligations of vaccination”.

In other words, the minister was faced with a choice: strengthen the obligation by increasing the number of mandatory vaccinations or finish with it.

. On one hand, the distrust in the face of “vaccino-skeptics” at the verve in recent years, the other confidence in the good sense of the citizens because, after all, eight out of ten children are already doing the recommended vaccinations, without being obliged to do so.

. The caution or boldness.

Agnès Buzyn has chosen the side of caution. The College of physicians shall not pity You don’t play on the apprentice witch with public health. As for the two pillars, non-negotiable, as are the effectiveness and safety of vaccines, scientists and politicians to be serious, agree.

“The science is clear: the Earth is round, the sky is blue, and vaccines are effective. Protect all our children”, in the words of Hillary Clinton in a tweet of 2015. Shortages are repeated in some vaccines, highlighting the powerlessness of the health authorities, is also fuelling the suspicion of a “big business” between the State and the laboratories which does not prevent the health authorities to collect the decisions, unhappy, or opaque, of a nature to fan the flames of mistrust on the part of public opinion, or even doctors. So the abandonment of the vaccine DTPolio (containing only the three mandatory vaccinations, diphtheria, tetanus, and polio) in June 2008, for the benefit of a vaccine that is more complete. A decision, according to the drug Agency (MSNA), by Sanofi Pasteur due to the occurrence, during the first half of 2008, two to three times more notifications in the laboratory of “systemic allergic reactions that occurred within 24 hours after injection”.

Shortages are repeated in some vaccines, highlighting the powerlessness of the health authorities, is also fuelling the suspicion of “big business” between the State and the laboratories.

The command massive vaccine by Roselyne Bachelot, during the H1N1 flu pandemic announced by the WHO in 2009. A decision, however, considered prudent at the time, before the events does not give harm to the government and to WHO. The fantasies of collusion remain present in the minds of some, as was shown in the citizen consultation was launched in January 2016 by Marisol Touraine, minister of Health. . And then came 2011. The year when France was hit hard by a disease that was believed to be on the verge of eradication, measles. “Between 2008 and 2016, more than 24,000 cases of measles have been reported. Nearly 1500 cases have presented a pneumonitis (damage to lungs) serious, 34, a neurological complication, and 10 are dead,” said Agnès Buzyn July 5.

. “Intolerable,” she added.

The choice of the obligation will now rub up against the field. Some doctors fear a reflex of rejection of the obligation and would have preferred its abandonment. But the arguments, however, for the success of this new policy. As confirmation, last week by the Council of State, the write-off of a doctor who had not administered to a child with the vaccines that are mandatory (DTPolio), and had recorded statements are untrue about his health book. Now all the world is warned: the vaccination is mandatory, and the College of physicians will be without mercy. . .

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