A gel for

A gel for the contraception of the male, the first test from April

The use of the condom or vasectomy: these are the only options currently available to men for contraception, which you may have in the future another

A gel that can temporarily block the production of sperm, to be applied on the upper arms and shoulders every day.

The clinical trial, the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development, Us (Nichd), part of the National Institutes of Health, and sponsored also by the Population Council, a non-profit organization, will start next April, will last about four years and will involve 400 couples: will take place in the Usa, Great Britain, Sweden, Chile, Kenya, and also in Italy. The new gel, which is expected to release hormones in the most effective way of injections or pills that contains two synthetic hormones, testosterone and a form of progestin. The progestin prevents the testicles to produce enough testosterone to normal levels of semen, while the testosterone substitute is required to combat the hormonal imbalances but will not produce sperm.

“It is not a great effort.

Just remember to use it every day,” explains the Mit Technology Review Diana Blithe, program director for the development of the contraception of the Nichd. The gel can suppress the levels of semen for up to 72 hours, and men will have to use it for at least four months while their partner use some form of contraception.

According to Blithe, the researchers will monitor the levels of sperm, which must go down to less than a million per milliliter to effectively prevent pregnancy.

Once the number will be low enough, the pairs will use only the contraceptive gel for a year.

The product had already been shown to be effective in a first trial in 2012, but the gel were two, spread on different parts of the body.(ANSA). . .

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