Too many games

Too many games limit the creativity of children

To develop the creativity of children is better to give them a few games

The tip comes from a study of the u.s. university of Toledo in Ohio, published in Infant Behavior and Development, according to which a lower number of objects children are more likely to explore all of the possible uses.

The experiment was conducted on 36 children aged between 18 and 30 months of age, including nine males and 27 females. All were engaged in two sessions of the game, one with four toys available, and the other with 16, all chosen from four different categories, ‘educational’, ‘disguises’, ‘action’ and ‘vehicles’. “With less games in the surrounding environment – the authors conclude -, the children play more for a long time with individual objects, with a better ability to explore and play more creatively.

Less toys promote the development and healthy game”. The study also found that the children participants had an average of 90 toys in the house for you to enjoy.

“When there is an abundance of objects could be put at the disposal of the child small collections, while putting off the most, suggest the authors. This may increase the chance of development of creativity, imagination, and capacity”.

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