Sos-strength antibiotics to

Sos-strength antibiotics to pollution, health risk

Human health is increasingly at risk because of antibiotic resistance caused by the dispersion in the environment of drugs and other chemicals used for farms and crops

The warning comes from the environmental agency of the United Nations, the Unep defines this type of pollution as one of the major emerging threats to global health.

In the assembly of Nairobi, Kenya, Unep has released data from its latest report on the “frontiers” of the environment. From the file it emerges that in the last century, the use of antibiotics for men is up 36%. Even more massive use in farms where it is expected a growth of 67% by 2030.

A trend that is very dangerous given that three-quarters of the antibiotics used in aquaculture are liable to end up scattered in the surrounding environment.

In the world, remembers the agency, 700 thousand people die each year from infections resistant to antibiotics. They die because the antibiotics are becoming less and less effective against pathogens that have evolved and become more resistant. .


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