Smog cancel the

Smog cancel the positive effects of physical exercise

Smog and air pollution always more harmful to the health of man, so as to cancel out the positive effects that exercise has on the body, in particular in the sixties

To suggest it is a research study conducted by researchers from the Imperial College London and Duke University, published in the journal the Lancet.

The study was conducted in London on 119 volunteers, over the age of 60 years, healthy or with stable situations of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease or ischemic heart disease. They walked around for two hours in Hyde Park, the green lung of london, or in the busy Oxford Street. The analysis revealed that even a short exposure to the pollution generated by traffic can erase the positive effects that a walk of a couple of hours would have on the heart and lungs of the elderly.

Those who have walked in the park have reported significant improvements in lung function and vascular.

These results, the researchers said, “add to the growing collection of evidence showing the negative impact on the cardiovascular system and respiratory exposure of short duration, even a couple of hours, to the pollution produced by automobile traffic”. .

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