High school is

High school is vaccinating to protect a fellow sufferer of cancer

It is a gesture of affection to a few guys from the linguistic liceo Amaldi Novi Ligure, who have chosen to get vaccinated against the flu to protect a teammate who is struggling against cancer: a gesture for which the approval of the minister of Health, Beatrice Lorenzin

“I would like to do, my most sincere congratulations to the students of class V, And the linguistic Liceo Amaldi Novi Ligure, and to protect from influenza virus a their partner, who is struggling against a cancer, you are all vaccinated, writes the minister on Facebook -. This morning I spoke with the dean and the professor that has sensitized the children on the importance of the concept of immunity, and of the flock. It is an inspiring story, beautiful, a sense of civic responsibility and generosity that comes from the young people”. “It is rare indeed – added Lorenzin – see boys of 18 years old who are getting vaccinated against the flu, and especially in a period like this, where this form of prevention is questioned by suspicious unwarranted and fake news that are travelling on the web. All of this shows how when in the game there is the health of a loved one, all doubt disappears.

Today, these students have all received a great lesson”. . .


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