"Epilepsy is a

“Epilepsy is a mental illness” and other misconceptions

Because it manifests itself without warning by crises, sometimes spectacular, epilepsy has aroused a lot of misunderstandings and beliefs

Or rather would he talk about “” epilepsies. Because it is most often used in the singular, this word actually covers a set of forms which can vary from one patient to another. Guest of the broadcast “Toc Toc Docteur” of the month of November devoted to epilepsies of the child, the Pr Stéphane Auvin*, interviewed at the Robert Debré hospital in Paris (AP-HP) has made the rounds of the most common prejudices.

*The Pr Auvin is the author of a book titled “The epilepsy in children – Tips of daily life appeared in November 2017, editions John Libbey”epilepsy is hereditary”It is very rare to find families with several cases of epilepsies. On the other hand, a number of epilepsies have a genetic origin, but have been passed on by the parents. This is the case when a genetic mutation occurs. But these epilepsies of genetic origin are available for only a small number of patients. “Epilepsy is a mental illness”In 2016, a poll conducted for the Foundation’s French epilepsy research has revealed that 3 out of 10 respondents thought that the madness could be at the origin of the epilepsy.

However, epilepsy is not a mental illness but a neurological disease that affects the brain.

If the symptoms observed during seizures can sometimes be impressive, they do not mean that the person loses the reason. Moreover, it must be remembered that epilepsy does not cause brain damage can cause mental illness. “Epilepsy is contagious”epilepsy cannot be transmitted from one person to another.

“Epilepsy has causes supernatural”in the past, epilepsy has been described as a form of possession or in connection with supernatural forces. But already, 400 years bc, Hippocrates said that it was not this. However, it is a misconception that is still quite prevalent today.

“My child has never been seizure epilepsy so he never”During a seizure, the nerve impulses in the brain are more important than in a normal situation. And it can happen to everyone to make a seizure at one point in his life.

Some people can have attacks unique that cannot be repeated more. We speak of a “crisis of thought”.

For example, a person who makes a severe hypoglycemia (glucose levels in the blood very low) can make an attack of epilepsy.

However, this does not mean that the person is epileptic. It is important to know that when a child has a seizure, there is a chance that it is not a different subsequently.

There are also other seizures, febrile seizures, which occur only when the child has fever.

Generally, these are seizures that occur between 6 months and 6 years.

These are only related to fever.

“Children with epilepsy cannot go to school,”The majority of children with epilepsy can perfectly go to school and it is going very well in most cases. It is essential that the educational team and the classmates are well-informed in order to avoid a panic when a crisis arises. To facilitate the integration of a child with epilepsy to school, it is necessary to put in place a project home individualized (PAI). It explains what it is in the video. “Video games trigger seizures,”It is often said that the screens can induce epileptic seizures. This fear may come from the presence of warnings on video games, which warn people with epilepsy. It happens that epileptic seizures are “photodéclenchées”, that is to say caused by a screen. But this phenomenon is actually very rare. Moreover, the types of visual sequences that may cause seizures are now fairly well known and the designers of video games do care. “During a seizure, an epileptic person can swallow his tongue,”It is not possible to swallow his tongue, that one is epileptic or not. The tongue is a muscle firmly attached to the floor of the mouth. But it is frequent that, when a crisis occurs, those present recommend to introduce in the mouth of the person an object (most often a pencil or a spoon between his teeth.

On the contrary, it can be dangerous for the patient, which may break a tooth or swallow a piece of broken if the contraction of the jaws is strong enough. As to put his fingers in the patient’s mouth to hold his tongue, this exposes the bite. “If it lasts too long, an attack of epilepsy may burn out the brain”A seizure cannot roast the brain! The persons present at a seizure, they often have a feeling of impending danger, but this is not the case. Cases where a prolonged seizure (greater than 5 minutes) leads to sequelae are rare. They represent less than 2% of children. .

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