After the operation,

After the operation, loses the testis, complaint the doctors in Palermo

A steelworker 33 years, has denounced the doctors of the clinic Torina to Palermo for a’ poorly executed and for which it would then he lost a testicle with an intervention at Villa Sofia

In the lawsuit, the man, assisted by a lawyer, Giulio Bonanno, said that at the beginning of September last he went in the department of Urology of the Villa Sofia for some investigations. There he was diagnosed with a varicocele, idiopathic left and prescribed examination seminologico and scrotal ultrasonography, which has carried out a few days later. Once you have obtained the results that the doctors have advised a surgery ligation of the veins sperm left. The scheduled task, in the convention, in the nursing home Torina for October 31. In the operating room there were the medici, Vincenzo Romano and Sunday, The Small, says the worker. “I entered the operating room at 9. .35 and the surgery is terminated to the 10 – to exhibit in the lawsuit – An hour after I have resigned”. The man says he complained immediately pain.

On the 12th of November the patient was urgently hospitalized at Villa Sofia and submitted for the export of the testis. . .


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