Electronic prescription for

Electronic prescription for veterinary drugs in 2018

Electronic prescription and tracking of all packages in the case of a prescription for veterinary drugs

The law 167/2017, published in the official Journal of 27 November, which will come into force from the first of September of 2018, as reports Federfarma on his site. In essence, it extends to veterinary drugs, the tracking system now in force for medicines for human use, and requires doctors, manufacturers, stockists, wholesalers, pharmacies, and other persons entitled to the sale, the recording of each step of the medication in the database of the ministry of Health. An application decree of the Ministry which should be issued by the end of the year, will define the times and modalities of the transition from the recipe paper to electronic.

According to what learned by Federfarma, the pharmacies and the rest of the supply chain can experiment with the electronic prescription from the first of January, in the Regions that will be available.

After the entry into force of the dematerialization, it is not possible to prescribe in a paper format veterinary drugs, with the exception, probably, of the only drugs subject to registration by the current legislation on drugs. .

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