Months without tobacco

Months without tobacco : “a beautiful infatuation collective” according to the public authorities

More than 157 000 people registered for the second edition of the “Month without tobacco”, which ended Thursday

In total, 700 000 kits free help to stop have been distributed, the Agency said in the public Health of France, who acknowledged “a great craze collective.

“In addition, the platform dedicated to the campaign received 1.2 million visitors and the application of coaching set up for the transaction has been downloaded almost 95. .000 times. Finally, the dedicated telephone line (3989) has received nearly 12,000 calls.

In the past year, less kits had been distributed in pharmacy (637 000). But more smokers were registered on the platform dedicated to the campaign (180 000 people).

Disparity according to the régionsLes regions that have counted the most participants to the “Month without tobacco” are the Île-de-France (24.

.700, on the 2. .1 million daily smokers in the region), the Auvergne Rhône-Alpes (18. .100, to 1. .5 million daily smokers) and Occitania (15.

.000, for 1. .3 million daily smokers). The campaign this year had also put the emphasis on the collective, encouraging the volunteers to be closer to the 17 regional teams. ” READ ALSO – Months without tobacco: try weaning in a team The goal of the “Month without tobacco” was that some 16 million of French who smoke regularly to quit for a month from the 1st of November, in the hope of creating the trigger for a cessation. Stop for a month tobacco allows to multiply by five the chance to permanently stop smoking. In fact, at the end of several weeks, the dependence is less strong and the symptoms of withdrawal (nervousness, irritability) are diminishing. The “Month without tobacco” is modeled on the “Soptober”, which has been held every year since 2012 in the United Kingdom. In France, initiatives to reduce the number of smokers is growing: the government has decided to increase the tax in several steps to ensure that the price of a package of cigarettes reaches 10 euros by the end of 2020.

In France, smoking kills 73,000 people a year and costs eur 26 billion.

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