"Today, if I

“Today, if I wasn’t under PrEP, I’d already HIV positive.

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William comes to settle in Paris, two steps from the Pompidou Centre, after a lifetime in Nantes. He is 36 years old, whose twenty ‘ to live in fear of AIDS. After a few minutes, a coke in hand, this marketing manager, who wished to remain anonymous, unpacks everything: his “impeccable lifestyle”, its tendency to “be a great lover”, with a side ‘romantic and hypochondriac ‘. Being teenager at the height of the epidemic in the early 1990s has branded red sexuality and fed his ‘crazy fear of screening ‘. . A year and a half, something has changed in his life: Guillaume is ‘prepeur ‘. . Understand: under PrEP (prophylaxis preexposition). Every morning, he takes a pill composed of two antiretroviral drugs highly active against HIV, while it is HIV negative and healthy.

This allows him to have sex with and without a condom, with a risk of transmitting near zero. In short, it’s a ‘anti-AIDS pill. ” A new strategy of prevention of HIV, addressing the people most exposed to the virus. In the kitchen his 30 bright square metres, between the coffee capsules and washing machine, the pillbox in white plastic blends into the décor.

Truvada, is the flagship brand of this drug “that [] protects it from the inside”, and made him, he says, a “forward-thinking released who takes care of him.

” Guillaume has clear ideas as is the sky of Paris that September morning. “The PrEP has allowed me to take control of my health. Today I’ll do blood tests with a smile, I know I will have negative results.  “Guillaume ticks all the boxes of the target audience of the PrEP: a man having sex with a. .. .. .

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