Stress as an

Stress as an unhealthy diet, same effects on the intestine

 An unhealthy diet can be harmful to the body, particularly in the intestine, but the stress effect equal

This would seem to be worth especially for women. A study from Brigham Young University, on mice, has in fact shown that females exposed to stress had an intestinal microbiota (i.e. the collection of micro-organisms that make up the gut flora) changing so as to become similar to that of animals who followed a diet high in fat. For the study, published in Scientific Reports and conducted in collaboration with the Shanghai Jiao Tong University in China, eight-month-old mice were examined life: half of males and half females were subjected to a diet high in fat. After 16 weeks, all mice were exposed to mild stress during 18 days.

    The researchers then extracted the microbial Dna from feces, measuring even anxiety in animals. It was found that in female mice only stress caused a change in the composition of the intestinal microbiota as if animals had followed a diet high in fat.

Researchers believe that there are significant implications for humans.     “In society, women tend to have higher rates of depression and anxiety, which are related to stress,” explains Laura Bridgewater, one of the authors of the study-this research suggests that a possible source of the discrepancy by gender may be different ways in which the gut microbiota responds to stress “.

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