Facebook, don't use

Facebook, don’t use it for 7 days and you’ll be happier

(ANSA)-ROMA, 20 NOV-keep closed Facebook for a week and you’ll be happier, positive and happy with life: it suggests an experiment in which they were coinvolti1095 individuals, part of which was to refrain from the use delsocial for 7 days straight

Directed by Morten à Tromholtdell’Universit in Copenhagen and published in the journal’s Cyberpsychology, Behavior, and Social Networking, I studiosuggerisce that the use of this social network (especially troppofrequente) has negative effects on well-being and mood.

    “Now most people use Facebook all giornima few people are aware of the consequences of that,” spiegaTromholt interviewed by ANSA. In one experiment participants abstained for a week by the use of the social.

Their level of well-being, satisfaction and mood were measured at the beginning and the end ‘ experiment. By comparing the two groups (those who had chiudereFacebook and who could continue to use it as you like) is appearedthat the break from social has positive effects on the two dimensioniprincipali being, that is the mood and satisfaction Pearl our lives.     “I asked participants to assess their own level difelicità and satisfaction in life, their diautostima and their emotions (positive and negative)-spiegaTromholt. It is found that those who had made a break from social showed an increase in the level of satisfaction with their life and positive emotions. The results are moltoevidenti especially for those who use Facebook what geese use it only passively, i.e. without ever making actions (post content or comments) but only by following the attivitàaltrui.

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