Alternative medicine: the

Alternative medicine: the sectarian station

The figures point to a reality: alternative medicines are a gateway to sects

According to the Miviludes (interdepartmental Mission of vigilance and combat against sectarian abuses), sectarian abuses in the health field represent nearly 40% of all of the reports it receives.

It thus identifies more than 300 non-conventional practices with therapeutic purpose, 1 800 structures of teaching or training ‘at risk’ in the field of health, 4 000 self-appointed “psychotherapists” who have received no training and are registered in any registers. Then there is the “biodecodeurs”, fashionable at the moment that would be close to 200 and some 800 kinesiologists.

But also, according to the Council of the order, about 3,000 doctors in connection with the sectarian movement. Give credibility to the promises”four French in 10 are using alternative medicine, including 60 percent of the cancer patients. “These are people who have a legitimate request responses and support but who receive a response of crooks, notes Catherine Picard, President of UNADFI (National Union of associations defence of families and the individual victims of sects) . She adds: “that puts them in a situation of vulnerability increased the risk of right-of-way. Who then brings a promise of healing, that relieves the anguish of death and fear of the disease is necessarily listened carefully. “Then simply to make credible promises with a jumble of scientific terms, a function of caregiver spoofed. ..

.. . or not, also.

” Isolate the person Cibleetoute person who falls under the influence of a guru or a sectarian movement has a lot to lose: money, his entourage, his dignity, his health sometimes. In the case of a patient, the health hazard is still increased because these alternative “caregivers” advised him to stop conventional treatments and strive to keep him away from physicians who could warn him. The consequences are so dramatic, premature deaths, or deaths that could have been avoided through medical care is appropriate.

It is for these women who treat their breast cancer too late after having long believed in a “treatment” juice of lemon and meditation. ..


However, all alternative medicine are not sectarian or dangerous.

Do not refuse the additional support of certain practices (meditation, relaxation, acupuncture. .. .. .), more proposed at the hospital and even sometimes taken in charge as a “supportive care”. The important thing is to stay alert and flee as soon as some signs appear: when the “healer” asking to stop all conventional treatment, no longer see a doctor, or family and friends, absolute trust in his promises. To learn more, unadfi. .org and derivatives – sectes. .gouv. .org, the site of the Miviludes. This allows to question the Mission and its local correspondents on a practice or a movement. . .


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