AIDS: ' young

AIDS: ‘ young people contaminate more than before.

Founder of the health centre the sexual, 190, in Paris, where are currently followed 457 elderly under PrEP, from 19 to 69 years, Michel Ohayon, 55, began his career in the early days of the AIDS epidemic, in the anne 1980

La PrEP, is a medical revolution in the fight against AIDS? Drug prevention of diseases, we do this for a long time: with Malarone to prevent malaria, for example, or vaccines. The PrEP, is a drug which acts as a vaccine. The revolution, it is in the way of thinking the epidemic.

Too many people are under the illusion that 100% of people have a sexuality that is protected by the condom.

It’s a golden legend. The PrEP is not philosophy, it’s pure pragmatism. Is to look at the reality of people’s lives: admit that there are people who take risks. We don’t have to put everyone under PrEP, only those whose environment is that they are very exposed to HIV, whatever they do. Is the epidemic of HIV among young gay people symptomatic of a failure of prevention? Young people contaminate more than before.

HIV circulating, particularly among those under 25, and also in the well-off.

Five years later, it hits me. . They come from wealthy families, great schools. .. .. For them, AIDS, it is for the old or poor. How do you want them to have the same look on AIDS than those generations who saw people die? They begin to understand that HIV exists and can be treated. But at home, the PrEP is not yet developed. There is a job to do. . The release of the condom frighten you? The phenomenon of relaxation of prevention by the condom to gays takes place in the world, at the same time.

The reality is that we protect less than before: this, this is real life, and we.




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