Foundation Gimbe, to

Foundation Gimbe, to abolish superticket reformulate deductions

For the Foundation can abolish Gimbe superticket at no cost: coverage you can find and reshape the tax deductions income tax for health care costs

For the Foundation, the proposal ensures social equity and can encourage further emergence of undeclared work.

    On the eve of parliamentary debate on the budget bill 2018, in the resolution on the update of the economic and financial document 2017, the majority has asked the Government to “revise the mechanism of the so-called superticket in order to keep costs down for those who turn to assisted public system. ” Back then a matter still unresolved, despite the current Pact for health 2014-2016 foresaw a reorganization of the system of sharing at the expense.

The real problem is the resources needed to eliminate superticket, code cannot be determined with precision, with estimates ranging between 500 and 1 billion. ” The extremely unfair tax, “said Nino superticket is a Cartabellotta, President of the Fondazione GIMBE-why proportionately weighs more on lower incomes, is a source of inequalities as applied differently by the regions.

”    ” The system that regulates INCOME TAX deductions for medical expenses is equally unfair. All taxpayers can deduct dall’irpef the 19% of healthcare costs incurred in excess of the surplus 129.11 euros which is not only applicable for certain expenses incurred by persons with disabilities.

According to data from the Inland Revenue on fiscal year 2015 taxpayers have brought in 16,705,000,000 medical expenses deduction, with less tax revenue amounted to €3. .174 billion. ” The Foundation offers two possibilities: the first is the restructuring of the percentage deduction according to income bracket, allowing a recovery of 915,934,000,000; the second dock the proportionate reduction in average health expenditure ratio “/” average income “, generating a recovery of 1,023,941 million.

” We are ready to bring in parliamentary hearing the details of our proposal ” concludes Cartabellotta.

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