Suspicions about the

Suspicions about the substances being added to glyphosate in the “formulated products.

It is one of the subtleties of the folder: glyphosate, the active ingredient in the famous Monsanto’s Roundup herbicide, is never used alone

In the jargon of the agrochimistes, these are “formulated products” that are placed on the market. These products contain glyphosate, but also other substances, allowing the active molecule to penetrate plant tissues to destroy them. Without these “surfactants”, glyphosate remains almost inoperative. Alas! What is true for plants, also, to a certain extent, for humans.

However, luckily for the firm, regulations American and European do ask manufacturers no studies on the health effects long-term “formulated products. In March 2013, one of the officials explained to one of his colleagues. “We don’t drive tests chronic, subchroniques or teratogenicity studies [ability to cause malformations in newborns] on our formulations, he writes. ” Exposure over the long term is evaluated in accordance with regulations, by studies of carcinogenicity with active ingredient alone, glyphosate.  “Of dommagesAinsi, even if Monsanto assures that glyphosate is not carcinogenic, it does not say that glyphosate-based products, like Roundup, are no more. In the “Monsanto papers”, of the firm of St. Louis (Missouri) toxicologists say it bluntly. In November 2003, one of the Chief toxicologists explains even staggering way, to one of his peers: “you can’t say that Roundup is not carcinogenic, because we did not the necessary tests to tell.

” “” We must be careful not to generate data that could compromise the European authorities’ a Chief Toxicologist of MonsantoEst – this issue? In February 2001, the boss of the toxicology of. .. .. .

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